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Trainin20 WEEKLY

Wellness is your goal: you seek a natural method and you can maintain a weekly commitment of only 20 minutes? A weekly routine guarantees a constant improvement of your muscle tone: a real awakening of your body and mind.

A session of 20 minutes per week, with the dedicated support of our Wellness Coach, can offer a great base to reactivate your muscles in no time, without disrupting your agenda!

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Trainin20 FLEX

Do you travel often or find it difficult to keep commitments?

Book when you feel you can and want to dedicate some time to yourself with 20 minutes of muscular and mental awakening.

Your Wellness Coach can suggest, different types of training schemes, always new and stimulating to achieve a specific goal or simply to benefit from a healthy and invigorating break of only 20 minutes.

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Trainin20 INTENSE

Are you looking for a greater challenge or you want more tangible results?

Instead of the weekly total body work out sessions, you can select additional 20 minutes sessions during the week, concentrating on specific muscular groups, refining the results and improving your psychological and physical wellbeing.

The Wellness Coach, will be able to guide you in pursuing your objectives, modulating the sessions on different muscular groups, adjusting the workloads according to your availability and expectations.

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Trainin20 Mobile Lab
Gym and Workout Revolution

Trainin20 Mobile Lab is an absolute innovation in the world of wellness. A unique project like no others worldwide, conceived to bring together the most innovative Companies and their employees, favouring their physical and mental wellbeing.

With the Trainin20 Mobile Lab, the Company will have at its doorstep, a "Wellness Boutique" to promote wellbeing for employees directly at work! 20 minutes per week without sweating, without changing clothes and without having to shower!

Healthy employees = healthy Company.

Do you want to bring wellness to your Company?

With Trainin20 Mobile Lab new motivation and benefits for employees

Those who have experience our Mobile Lab have expressed a total satisfaction of 4.67 out of 5, and in 91% of cases would be ready to repeat the experience once a week for 20 minutes.

This result is thanks to an innovative workout method and the presence of a Wellness Coach for the duration of the session.

Directly at your company’s doorstep, a workout without sweating, without changing clothes and without having to take a shower.

Bring wellbeing and innovation in your company

Trainin20 has developed a method for everyone, quick and unique in its kind, that allows you to carry out a Total Body workout in just 20 minutes, once a week.

With the Mobile Lab, the training method has no boundaries and can arrive directly and easily to companies and their employees.

VDo You want to be the one to bring innovation into your company and be among the first in Europe?

The six-point Trainin20 training method explained

The method Trainin20 is characterized by:

  • Total Body Workout of only 20 minutes-net-per week
  • You don't have to change, you don't sweat and don't waste water and time in taking a shower
  • Suitable for all
  • Tones the major muscle groups
  • Performed in a private setting, with sessions of one or two guests at a time
  • Workout always followed by a Motor Science professional