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Dress code: come as you are.
With Trainin20, everything changes but you don’t have to.

Are you tired of feeling like a fashion victim even when you exercise? At Trainin20, there will be no pressure to show off the latest trendy coloured t-shirt, simply because you won’t have to wear it. It’s not necessary.

Firstly, nobody will be able to see it; it will be just you, eventually with a friend and your Wellness Coach. Secondly, you won’t sweat; to make the movements required by your personalised training programme on the wellness machine, you can wear exactly what you had on when you left the house.

Dress code: come as you are.

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When you leave the house, remember your gym bag
In the Trainin20 Wellness Boutiques, being fit is in fashion

Forget the gym bag that you have to drag around with you or that sits there looking at you from the back seat of your car. Forget it because you no longer need it.

With Trainin20, there is no need to bring a change of clothes or items for the shower, because this workout does not make you sweat. Trainin20 is a series of high intensity, low speed movements that activate the muscle supercompensation mechanism at the base of the method, allowing you to progress in terms of fitness, wellbeing and self-esteem.

Free yourself from the weight of a gym bag while still focusing on your wellbeing.

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Only share the things you love to do with who you want
Alone, as couple, or with a friend. You choose how to train.

Just you and your Wellness Coach, focused exclusively on your workout programme.

The Wellness Boutique is structured to accept up to two people who can work out at the same time with the same Wellness Coach.

So, you can share the experience, be together, motivate each other, optimise your costs and any other reason you want.

The choice is yours.

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Trainin20 works: science and experience say so.

Trainin20 is the new training method that only requires 20 minutes per week of your time. It’s not a traditional gym but a Wellness Boutique: a comfortable, exclusive space entirely dedicated to you.

Your Wellness Coach will set the right level of intensity and frequency to improve your fitness. You won’t have to change your clothes because you won’t sweat and there will be no need to take a shower after your session.

All you have to do is focus on yourself for 20 minutes which, through controlled effort, will allow you to feel the benefits all week long, getting you ready for the next Trainin20 session.

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Wellness Coach: Sport Science Professionals
The difference is the way we welcome you

In Trainin20 your wellbeing comes first and our Wellness Coaches are key in allowing you to achieve it. A Wellness Coach will assist you in every phase of your training, checking the correct execution of the exercises, the correct posture while motivating you to reach results that you would not have imagined.

Professional both in Sport Science and in the art of hospitality, our Wellness Coaches are the added value for your experience.

Treat yourself with a gratifying, exclusive and personalized experience with a dedicated Wellness Coach ready to support you in achieving your goals.

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