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FOR THOSE, LIKE US, WHO PREFER A PERSONALISED EXPERIENCE How often are you lucky enough to discover and experiment a natural method that really makes you feel better, makes you stronger and more alert, and doesn't take too much effort or time, bringing about noticeable and highly motivating improvements? It almost seems impossible: a utopia! We have been inspired to create Trainin20 for you, to improve the psychological and physical wellbeing of those like many, who want to do something for themselves but have no time, who don't exercise regularly and are who tired of joining a gym and never going. People who, like us, prefer a personalised experience over a mere transaction. Flavio Bucciarelli, Founder

With Trainin20, you’ll feel a big change.

Trainin20 is different, and so are you. This training system is dedicated to you, and you just have to spend twenty minutes a week in the Wellness Boutique.

And in the week that follows?

During the week, you’ll feel the positive effects of supercompensation, the active reconstruction of muscles that will let you keep practising your favourite sport, be it tennis, jogging, Zumba, or whatever you love.

Finally, an activity that really works. It will change your perception of physical and psychological wellbeing.

If you’re not interested in competition and just want to feel your best, start exercising with Trainin20.

We listen to your needs.

As the years pass by, you realise that every minute counts.

Are the years passing by? Too bad for them! You don't count them because you are too busy staying in shape...

You have probably read the news on demographic variables, the ageing population, the improved psycho-physical conditions of the elderly, all things that do not concern you. You are too involved in your passions to be concerned with ageing and with only twenty minutes a week of Trainin20 you will be very effective in improving your strength, balance and general wellbeing.

We listen to your needs.

It doesn't matter how others see you, but how you feel.

At a time when everything is social, do something for yourself and share it only with your Wellness Coach.

There is no need for outside approval. You need an activity where you can just feel like yourself, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

If someone notices a difference, great! Because when you feel good, it shows, and even if you don't do it for others, you certainly won't mind if they do notice.

Is everything social? This time, give yourself a like.

We listen to your needs.

Trainin20 is also for you. It doesn't take much.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you have tried and retried every kind of class and lost to laziness every time, Trainin20 could be the solution for you.

Twenty minutes a week and one week of active recovery, or supercompensation, is not that demanding, and you don't even have to worry about a gym bag.

We are not promising you a session of total rest, but with our natural a simple method it will be impossible to make excuses.

If you are interested, you will find the time, and you will learn that it doesn't take much to get into better shape.

We listen to your needs.