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Total Body Training in only 20 minutes

The Trainin20 method is a total body workout that involves all the muscle groups in the body, with an emphasis on both the large groups (chest, back, abdomen, legs) and the smaller groups, which are always extensively involved.

Unlike the classic isotonic machines that train an individual muscle, the functional machine specifically chosen by Trainin20 for this method, involves other muscle and joint groups simultaneously, providing training in strength, balance and proprioception at the same time.

With Trainin20, you can connect with yourself. Don't get shocked, get moving.

At Trainin20, your need to be active and fit does not change

If you are looking for additional stimulation to get the most out of your workout session, the good news is that our training method does not include electrostimulators. Muscle stimulation will take place with a programme involving slow movements but with gradual loads to improve your strength in a demanding but constant way.

You will be assisted by a dedicated weight lifting machine and the advice of a Wellness Coach, a Motor Science professional, who will follow you exclusively for the entire twenty-minute session. All of this will take place in an elegant, and discreet environment at a controlled temperature to avoid sweat and allow perfect muscle function.

A stimulating and effective way to achieve your desired fitness level.

At Trainin20, you are who you are, and who you will be.

Trainin20 is for you if you want to focus on yourself: no deafening music, no sweating, no mirrors, no focus on appearance. Just do it for yourself.

The work you do at Trainin20, with the advice of the Wellness Coach, will lead you to a deeper awareness of your fitness level and your physical and mental reactions.

Once a week, or whenever you want: reconnect with yourself and get awaken your body and mind.

Trainin20 method in six points

To sum up the Trainin20 method consists of:

  • One weekly workout – totally body or per muscle group
  • Workout duration of 20 minutes in total
  • Workloads around 70% of 1-RM
  • Attempting to steadily increase the workload
  • A single set of 6 repetitions for each muscle group (six exercises in total)
  • Slow and controlled execution at 8–10 seconds per repetition